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Nandroya Falls Circuit Track, Wooroonooran National Park
Cairns, Cairns Area

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The Palmerston section of Wooroonooran National Park is included in the traditional lands of the Ma:Mu Aboriginal people. At the heart of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, it is a place of very high biodiversity, due to the high rainfall and fertile soils derived from basalt rocks. More than 500 rainforest tree species grow here and the area also has a profusion of epiphytes (plants that grow on other plants without harming them) including ferns, mosses and basket ferns. This intermingling of plant species creates a haven for wildlife, such as the little musky rat-kangaroo, the double-eyed fig-parrot and the endemic chowchilla.

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The Nandroya Falls circuit track is one of several access points along the Palmerston Highway allowing walkers to explore the ancient rainforest of the southern end of Wooroonooran National Park. At Nandroya Falls, Douglas Creek drops in a narrow, uninterrupted, 50 metre fall from a basalt parapet. Cross the footbridge at the west of the Henrietta Creek camping area. From here it is 2.2 kilometres to the falls by the shortest route. After a short distance the track divides. The branch on the left leads directly to Nandroya Falls, a distance from here of 1.7 kilometres. It winds along the upper valley of Douglas Creek, passing the pretty, 10 metre high Silver Creek Falls on the way. The right-hand branch is a longer 3.5 kilometres route to the falls. Those wishing to do a circuit walk can return by the alternative route.

Keep to the walking track at all times and wear sturdy, reliable footwear.

Grade: moderate.

Distance: 6 kilometres return.

Time: allow 2-3 hours walking time for the full circuit.

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About the Walk

6.6 kilometres
3-4 hours
Half Day Walk
The trackhead is west of the Henrietta Creek camping area.

Walk Highlights

Walk Hints

The Nandroya Falls Circuit begins to the west of the Henrietta Creek camping area. You can either cross the creek or walk along the highway and across the bridge to reach the trackhead.

The track has been recently upgraded and is well formed with gentle grades. It can be walked separately or as part of a longer walk from Henrietta Creek to Tchupala Falls Trackhead and possibly on to Crawfords Lookout and the North Johnstone River.

Wear a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent to protect yourself from leeches. Take plenty of drinking water.

Daytime temperatures and humidity can be high at any time of the year and nights can be very cool. Please carry suitable clothing to accommodate all extremes.

Best Time To Go

To ensure your visit is fun and comfortable, try to visit between April and October when the weather and track conditions are at their best.

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Other Information

Wheelchair-accessible toilets are at Henrietta Creek camping area.

How To Get There

The Palmerston Highway runs through this section of Wooroonooran National Park. From Cairns, travel south along the Bruce Highway towards Innisfail. Five kilometres north of Innisfail (83 kilometres south of Cairns) turn right on to the Palmerston Highway. The Henrietta Creek camping area is 32 kilometres up the highway. From the Atherton and Evelyn tablelands, join the Palmerston Highway at Millaa Millaa. The Henrietta Creek camping area is about 25 kilometres from Millaa Millaa.


Camping fees apply.


The area in which Wooroonooran National Park is located has one of the wettest climates in Australia. During the wet season (from December to April) there are heavy, frequent downpours. Some areas receive more than 4 millimetres of rain annually. Maximum temperatures through the wet season range from 28­-31 degrees Celsius, with high humidity. The cooler, drier months, from May to September, are the best time to visit. The weather is pleasantly warm at this time, with an average maximum temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, and humidity is significantly reduced.

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