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Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail
Map of Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail, Daintree National Park
Daintree National Park
Cape Tribulation
Queensland 4873 Australia

Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail, Daintree National Park
Cape Tribulation, Cairns Area

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This trail climbs from the coastal lowlands of Cape Tribulation, up the rainforest-clad ridge of Mount Sorrow to a lookout offering views of the beautiful Daintree coastline, Snapper Island and beyond.

The trail starts in a lowland rainforest valley, featuring trees with large buttress roots and a canopy woven with large woody vines. As the ridge ascends, the trail moves into upland rainforest and the slow-growing orania palm becomes common. Look for Boyd's forest dragons perching on trees quite close to the trail. On the ridge the vegetation is dominated by acacias (wattles). The wind-sheared forest canopy becomes lower and more open towards the mountain summit.

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From the lookout spangled drongos and small flocks of topknot pigeons can be observed in the air, while a variety of butterflies drift around on the wind. On a clear day, the beautiful Daintree coastline can be seen stretching southwards to Snapper Island and beyond, and the shadows of the individual reefs that make up the Great Barrier Reef can be glimpsed in the ocean.

The Mount Sorrow ridge trail is not for everyone. Although marked, walkers have been lost in this area. You must be prepared for a very steep and difficult trail with log scrambling required in some places. Only experienced bushwalkers with above average fitness should attempt this trail. Walk times are approximate only and based on travel in good weather conditions. You will need to adjust these times to suit your group's level of experience and fitness. The times are for walking only. Remember to allow plenty of extra time for rest stops, meal breaks and sightseeing. Distance markers have been placed at one kilometre intervals along the walk to help monitor your progress. Set off well before 10.00 am, to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and to allow time to return. Return via the same route. Leave the lookout before 2.00 pm to allow at least three hours of daylight for the return journey.

Grade: difficult.

Distance: 7 kilometres return.

Time: allow 6 hours walking time.

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About the Walk

7 kilometres
6-7 hours
Full Day Walk
The start of the marked trail is signposted on the Bloomfield Road, 150 metres north of Kulki/Cape Tribulation day use area turn-off. A gravel parking spot is located directly opposite the start of the trail.

Walk Highlights

Walk Hints

This is a steep and difficult trail. Walkers need to be fit, self-reliant and well prepared.

Always keep to the marked trail, as walkers have been lost here. Always tell someone else of your walking plans and when you expect to return.

Do not attempt this walk when the weather is humid, very hot or in wet cloudy because the trail becomes slippery and the views are obscured.

Walkers should carry 3 to 4 litres of water for the climb.

The area in which Daintree National Park is located has one of the wettest climates in Australia. During the wet season, from December to April, there are heavy, frequent downpours. Wear sturdy footwear and carry waterproof clothing if there is any possibility of rain. Leeches are usually present in leaf litter and wet vegetation. For protection against leeches wear enclosed footwear and long pants.

Best Time To Go

The cooler and drier months, from May to September, are the best time to visit.

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Other Information

How To Get There

The Mount Sorrow ridge trail is in Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park. Travel 104 kilometres north of Cairns via the Captain Cook Highway to the Daintree River crossing. The ferry operates 6.00 am to midnight every day except Christmas Day and Good Friday, with occasional breaks in service for extreme floods or mechanical repairs. Fees apply for the ferry crossing. Beyond the ferry, travel about 36 kilometres to the Kulki day-use area at Cape Tribulation. Conventional vehicle access is possible although the road is narrow and winding and towing a caravan is not recommended. Park your vehicle at the Kulki day-use area and walk 150 metres north along the Cape Tribulation-Bloomfield Road to a gravel pull-off area. The signposted start of the trail is directly opposite this pull-off area. The unsealed road north from Cape Tribulation to Bloomfield is only suitable for four-wheel-drive vehicles due to steep grades and creek crossings. Drive slowly and keep watch for wildlife crossing the road.


The area in which this trail is located has one of the wettest climates in Australia. During the wet season, from November to April, there are heavy, frequent downpours. Some areas receive over four metres of rainfall annually. Maximum temperatures through the wet season range from 27 to 33 degrees Celsius, with humidity often exceeding 80 per cent. To ensure your visit is enjoyable and comfortable, try to do this trail between May and October when the weather and trail conditions are at their best. During this time the temperatures are generally cooler and the weather drier.

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