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Artesian Bore at Sunrise, Hydro Power Plant
Hydro Power Plant
Hydro Power Plant
Hydro Power Plant
Map of Hydro Power Plant
Gilmour Street
Queensland 4492 Australia

Hydro Power Plant
Thargomindah, South West

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07 4655 3399


The Hydro Power Plant is the first in Australia and third in the World! In 1891 drilling commenced on a bore to supply the town with water and in 1893 an exceptionally good supply was struck at 795 metres (2650 feet) with the water at 84 degrees Celsius.

Thargomindah was the first town to have reticulated Artesian Bore water. The bore was the source of energy for Australia's first hydro-electric scheme when in 1893 Thargomindah's streets were lit by means of a generator coupled to a water turbine driven by the bore's natural water pressure. They are third in the world to Paris and London to have street lighting generated by Hydro Power!

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For visitors to Thargomindah a working display is provided at 4.30 p.m. each day.

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Property Details


  • Access With Assistance for the Disabled
    Assisted Access
  • Car park
    Car park
  • Sheltered Area
    Sheltered Area
  • Viewing Platform
    Viewing Platform

Open Times

Note: The Hydro Power Plant is open daily from 0830 to 1700.

Other Information

Children are welcome. Adult supervision is recommended at all times due to the boiling artesian water.

How To Get There

The site is located within one kilometre of Thargomindah. Maps are available at the Visitor Information Centre.


Admission is free of charge, however, a gold coin donation is appreciated.

Free Entry

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