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Henderson's Rock Dive Site
Map of Henderson's Rock Dive Site
Off the Eastern Side of Moreton Island
Moreton Island
Queensland 4004 Australia

Henderson's Rock Dive Site
Moreton Island, Moreton Bay Area

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07 3006 6290


Henderson's Rock Dive Site is of Brisbane's better and less frequented dive sites. There are deep ledges, overhangs and caves, hidden and partly obscured by thick kelp, all to be explored.

Keep an eye out for the Ornate crayfish, prolific in this area. Expect sightings of Grey Nurse Sharks in Winter, where they occasionally school up in the main gutter to the north of the shallow rock. Other species of shark, including Gummy Sharks, Leopard Sharks and Wobbegong, also frequent the area.

About the Dive Site

From 9m to 35m
Average 20m

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  • Scuba-Diving

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