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Bartle Frere Trail (Atherton Tableland Trail Head)
2 Days  / 15 Kilometres


Climbing the summit of Queensland's highest mountain offers a challenging way to explore part of the World Heritage-listed rainforest of the Bellenden Ker Range in Wooroonooran National Park. The trail starts at 700 metres altitude and rises to 1,622 metres at the summit; an average gradient of one in eight.

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From Junction camp, walkers can walk to Bartle Frere summit and return or continue to Josephine Falls Both walks are 15 kilometres one way and require two days.

Junction camp to North West Peak (five hours). The trail to North West Peak is steep (rising 700 metres over five kilometres). This part of the trail has occasional rock scrambles and long sections of continuous uphill walking.

North West Peak to Western Summit camp (two hours). On a clear day, enjoy excellent views of Bellenden Ker and the Mulgrave River valley from an exposed outcrop of rocks one kilometre from North West Peak. The trail continues to Western Summit camp,a very small clearing beside a creek, suitable as a rest point or for an overnight stay.

Western Summit camp to Bartle Frere summit (one hour). From Western Summit camp it is 750 metres to the summit. The trail becomes a scramble over and through numerous granite boulders to the broad summit of Bartle Frere. This part of the climb can be very slippery when wet. Enjoy fabulous views.

From the summit, walkers can either return to Junction camp or continue to Josephine Falls.

Bartle Frere summit to Eastern Summit camp. The descent (300 metres over 500 metres; allow about one hour) from the Bartle Frere summit requires scrambling over boulders and can be slippery when wet. Do not leave equipment on the camping pad during the day as it may be used to land a helicopter in an emergency.

Eastern Summit camp to Big Rock camp. This section is a steep descent (1,000 metres over four kilometres; allow about five hours).

Big Rock camp to Josephine Falls. The walk from Big Rock camp to Josephine Falls car park is a moderate descent (400 metres over three kilometres; allow about two hours).

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Bartle Frere trail, Wooroonooran National Park
Bartle Frere trail, Wooroonooran National ParkBartle-Frere Trail (Eastern Approach)
Bartle-Frere Trail (Eastern Approach)

Journey Details

Duration2 Days Itinerary TypeLand
Distance15 KilometresItinerary RouteOne Way
Mode of TravelWalk
Level of DifficultyLevel of difficulty - Recommended for very experienced bushwalkers


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    Car park
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    Picnic Area
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    Walking Tracks


  • Animal Watching
    Animal Watching
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Bartle Frere Trail (Atherton Tableland Trail Head) Full Itinerary

Bartle Frere trail, Wooroonooran National Park (Atherton Tableland)

The Bartle Frere trail is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Please note that this map only shows an indicative start point for the walk. The track route and end point are not shown and this map cannot be used for navigation purposes. Please see the Queensland National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing web site for detailed maps and the latest park information, including opening hours and safety messages. When you are in the park, make sure you refer to signs at the start of the track for more information.

Boulder field, Bartle Frere summit, Wooroonooran National Park
Boulder field, Bartle Frere summit, Wooroonooran National Park
Eastern summit camping pad, Bartle Frere trail, Wooroonooran National Park
Eastern summit camping pad, Bartle Frere trail, Wooroonooran National Park

Route Details

Duration: 2 Days 
Distance: 15 Kilometres
Mode of Travel: Walk
Route Type: One Way

  • Flora/Fauna
  • Nature based
    Nature based
  • Wildlife

Level of Difficulty
Level of difficulty - 5

Other Information

The walking track is not wheelchair accessible. The toilets, picnic shelter and picnic tables at Josephine Falls are wheelchair-accessible.

Visit our Driving Safety and Advice page for more information or the RACQ website for the latest road conditions.