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Map of National Adult Tenpin Bowling Championship and Australian Masters

National Adult Tenpin Bowling Championship and Australian Masters
Albion, Brisbane Area

05 - 26 October

07 3262 4455
0419 444 280

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As the national governing body of the sport of tenpin bowling, TBA conducts an annual Championship for male and female bowlers over the age of 18 years.

The carnival-style Championship incorporates a wide range of categories for players of all averages and includes individual and team events for bowlers representing every State and Territory of Australia, New Zealand and the Australian Defence Force.

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Over the past three years the pinnacle event of the Nationals - the Australian Masters - has been part of the WTBA World Bowling Tour, attracting top-flight national and international players and spectators to the host city, and the 2013 National Championship and Australian Masters will provide an exciting and entertaining event for local residents as participants and spectators.

A bid has been made by Townsville to host the Championship which is scheduled to run for three weeks in October.

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  • Access With Assistance for the Disabled
    Assisted Access

Free Entry

Event Dates

05 - 26 October

Frequency: Annual



4A/139 Sandgate Road
Queensland Australia 4010

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