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Clermont - Old Town Site
Clermont - Old Town Site
Clermont - Old Town Site
Clermont - Old Town Site
Map of Clermont - Old Town Site
Drummond Street
Queensland 4721 Australia

Clermont - Old Town Site
Clermont, Isaac Area

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Following the discovery of gold at Nelson's Gully in 1861, January 1862 saw the first rigging of camps alongside the prospectors on the gentle sloping banks of Hood's Lagoon. Within the year the settlement boasted a general store and around 30 diggings.

With essential needs met, the rush was on and by the end of 1863 over 1,000 miners were operating in local fields.

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The town reserve was proclaimed on 25 March 1864. During this year the town prospered, with the establishment of a Doctor, Newspaper, Banks, Churches and a Hospital.

It's believed that Clermont was originally known as 'Hood's Lagoon'.

Clermont prospered however flooding was a problem: 1896 saw the fourth flooding since the town's establishment. There was little damage to buildings but the flood on 28 December 1916 resulted in vast destruction of property and loss of life. Following the flood, the town was changed to where the re-built town stands today.

The lagoon remained a popular spot for swimming and picnicking, providing the railway's water needs (extended to Clermont in February 1884), serving many windmills along its banks and supplying water for gardens within the new town.

The site of the old town, lay dormant for over half a century. It re-established its worth beginning with the placement of the Flood Memorial in 1980, followed by tree plantings, replacement of the lagoon bridge, sporting ovals and the general beatification of the Lagoon area with the walkway (now night-lit) and its many monuments to our past.

A quiet place to have a picnic, talk to a stranger, watch a game of cricket or softball, fly a kite, go for a leisurely walk, snap off a photo or two, have a barbecue, you might even be lucky enough to spot the koala, the latest resident to the area.

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