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Morven Rabbit Board Gate
Map of Morven Rabbit Board Gate
Albert Street
Queensland 4468 Australia

Morven Rabbit Board Gate
Morven, South West

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The Morven Rabbit Board Gate was constructed at the turn of the 20th century and made all the difference to agriculture in the area.

Rabbits were on the move, destroying pasture lands and increasing in numbers at an alarming rate. In a desperate bid to halt the rabbit migration Queensland set up 'Rabbit Boards', and the Rabbit Proof Fences came into being.

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The fences were designed to prevent rabbits digging under and invading more property. The gates were placed on the highways and were the only gap in the fence that stretched for thousands of miles. Travellers would stop at the gate, open it, drive through and then close it. If you forgot to close the gate you could be fined fifty pounds. The history of the Rabbit Board Gates can be found at the site in Morven.

It may not be the Great Wall of China, however, the Rabbit Board Gate was definitely built to keep rabbits out.

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Supervised children are welcome.

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Yes. Pets are allowed, however, must be restrained at all times.

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