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Morven Branding Board
Map of Morven Branding Board
Albert Street
Queensland 4468 Australia

Morven Branding Board
Morven, South West

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The branding of cattle is an integral part of raising cattle. The 'brands' are unique designs that belong to each cattle property, and 'brands' from surrounding properties can be viewed at the Morven Branding Board.

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In the past, using a hot branding iron, the brands were branded onto the skin of the cattle, as proof of ownership. Today, many owners use ink stencils to 'brand' their cattle. A recent innovation is to insert micro chips under the skin of the cattle.

To celebrate the year of the Outback in 2002, a re-enactment of the Harry Redford Cattle Drive was carried out. As the Cattle Drive travelled through Morven, the Community got together to celebrate the occasion, by burning their local cattle brands into a piece of bloodwood, which became 'The Branding Board'.

The Branding Board is a collection of brands from surrounding properties who paid to have their mark placed on this board. Monies raised were then donated to the Starlight Foundation. Please take a look at each brand and you will notice some innovative designs. For cattle people often a quick glance at the brands is all they need to recognise the station that the cattle have come from.

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Accessible at all times.

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Supervised children are welcome.

Pets Allowed:
Yes. Pets are allowed, however, must be restrained at all times.

How To Get There

If arriving from Charleville, Morven is 83 kilometres from Charleville on the Warrego Highway. The Branding Board is within Morven town precinct on the left hand side of the road, past the Museum in Albert Street.

If arriving from Brisbane, Toowoomba or Mitchell the Morven Branding Board is located within Morven town precinct on the right hand side of the road before the Morven Museum, but after crossing the rail line.

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