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School of fish, Great Barrier Reef, QLD
Map of Wolf Rock Dive Site
Pacific Ocean
Rainbow Beach
Queensland 4581 Australia

Wolf Rock Dive Site
Rainbow Beach, Gympie Area

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Wolf Rock consists of five interconnecting granite pinnacles rising from 40 metres aligned on a north-south axis. The southern pinnacle reaches 19 metres, the next two break the surface, the northern pinnacles are at 11 and 16 metres. The terrain varies; the eastern sheer walls drop to 35 metres; the western side has a wide gutter at 25 metres plus. Black coral trees, spiky soft corals, hard corals, gorgonians and spiral sea whips. Grey nurse sharks, spotted eagle rays, turtles, Queensland gropers, schools of batfish, trevally and surgeonfish, as well as sweetlips, bream, angelfish, goatfish, globefish and fairy basslets. In the shallows look for the smaller critters including moray eels, nudibranchs, gobies, scorpionfish, sea stars, shrimps and coral crabs.

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