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Forts Walk Magnetic Island
Magnetic Island Walking Tracks
Forts Walk Magnetic Island
Map of Magnetic Island Walking Tracks
Horseshoe Bay Road
Magnetic Island
Queensland 4819 Australia

Magnetic Island Walking Tracks
Magnetic Island, Townsville Area

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For an opportunity to see Magnetic Island's wildlife and enjoy spectacular views, why not take the time and traverse through the Island's six main walking tracks. Choose walks that range from 30 minutes to two and a half hours to complete. There are wonderful sights to be seen no matter which track you choose!

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Choose from one of these walks:

Hawkings Point: This is one of the easiest and shortest walks with an exceptional view. The track begins at the end of Picnic Bay and winds its way up to the top of a huge granite boulder. Allow 30 minutes to complete the walk.

Nelly Bay to Arcadia: Continuing along Mandalay Avenue this track passes through a cool patch of Rainforest, then alongside Gustav Creek up a steady climb to the saddle of the ridge, with Nelly Bay to one side and Horseshoe Bay the other. Many birds and other wildlife can be seen and at the right time of the year, bush orchids. Allow two hours to complete the walk.

Arcadia to Horseshoe Bay: This track begins a short distance from Arcadia, leading off from the main road on the right hand side. Firstly following the road and later crossing it, the track climbs over the hills and meets the main road again where the walk to the Forts begin. If you continue along the track you will meet the road again as it descends into Horseshoe Bay. Allow one hour to complete the walk.

The Forts Walk: Located at the turn-off to Radical Bay on the Horseshoe Bay Road, this track follows a ridge behind the bays and arrives at the ruins of the Forts complex operated during World War II. Lookouts afford excellent views to the Palm Island Group in the north and Bowling Green Bay National Park in the south. This walk is also famous for spotting Koalas in their natural environment. Allow one and a half hours to complete the walk.

Horseshoe Bay to Radical Bay via Balding Bay : The track begins at the eastern end of Horseshoe Bay beach and climbs through a steep gully of closed forest to an open eucalypt ridge. The track leads down to secluded Balding and Radical Bay. Both bays offer excellent swimming opportunities. Allow forty five minutes to complete the walk.

Picnic Bay to West Point: Following the road past The Golf course, pass alongside tidal wetlands, mangroves and salt-water swamps, over four fresh-water creeks, through savannah grasslands and paperback trees. Allow two and a half hours to complete the walk.

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