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Jambal Walk, Wet Tropics Great Walk
Cardwell, Cassowary Coast Area

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Jambal walk, Wet Tropics Great Walk

Grade: difficult.

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Distance: 20.6 kilometres return.

Time: two days.

The Jambal walk is for experienced, self-sufficient hikers. It follows the Juwun walk through open forest and into the Herbert River Gorge. Walkers then camp overnight at the Blanket Creek bush camp before returning the same way. Walk times are approximate only. They are based on an average walker travelling in good conditions. You will need to adjust these times to suit your group's level of experience and fitness. The times are for walking only. Remember to allow plenty of extra time for rest stops, meal breaks and sightseeing.

Blencoe Falls to Blanket Creek—10.3 kilometres (about 4.5-5 hours walking time)

The Juwun and Jambal walks start to the east of the Blencoe Falls camping area, marked by an information sign. Wind your way through nine kilometres of open forest before reaching the escarpment. This countryside may appear dry and desolate, but there is a lot to see. Look for emus and kangaroos resting from the heat and listen for laughing kookaburras or screeching sulphur-crested cockatoos. This country is rugged and one of extremes. During the dry season, the land is parched and vulnerable to fire. Grasses dry out and some trees lose their leaves, giving the appearance of a dying landscape. With the arrival of the wet season, the countryside is inundated with water and the plants spring back to life. The track winds its way to the top of the escarpment above Blanket Creek before dropping steeply onto the banks of the Herbert River that is lined with shady she-oak trees. This is the Blanket Creek bush camp, your home for the night. Beware! As refreshing as a dip may seem, do not swim as the river is home to estuarine crocodiles.

Returning by the same track to Blencoe Falls camping area the next day.

Remember to tell a responsible person where you are going and when you expect to return. Walkers must be fully self-sufficient and carry the right equipment and gear. Carry plenty of drinking water as there are no reliable sources between Blencoe Falls and Blanket Creek.

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How To Get There

Blencoe Falls
Blencoe Falls is 96 kilometres south-east of Mount Garnet. The two hour drive passes through several cattle stations along the Kennedy Developmental Road, Kirrama-Mt Garnet Road and Kirrama-Cashmere Road. Access should only be attempted in dry conditions and Four Wheel Drives are recommended.


Camping fees apply.


High rainfall summers and drier winters characterise the north-east Queensland tropics. To ensure your walk is fun and comfortable, try to visit between May and September when the weather and track conditions are at their best. Daytime temperatures and humidity can be high at any time of the year and nights can be very cool. In July, the overnight minimum temperatures are between 9 degrees Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius. Temperatures may reach as low as 0 degrees Celsius and frosts can occur in elevated areas. Please carry suitable clothing to accommodate all extremes. July to October are generally the driest months, but heavy rain can fall at anytime. Always be prepared for wet weather. After rain, creeks and rivers along the Great Walk may flood. Always check the weather forecast before you begin your walk.

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