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See brightly coloured corals and abundant marine life at Fairey Reef
You might be lucky enough to spot a giant Maori Wrasse at the reef
The Great Barrier Reef is so easily accessible from the Whitsunday Islands and Coast
A scuba diver inspecting a large fan coral on the reef in The Whitsundays
Map of Fairey Reef
Fairey Reef
Great Barrier Reef
Queensland 4802 Australia

Fairey Reef
Whitsundays, Whitsunday Area

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Situated on the Great Barrier Reef, Fairey Reef has a number of excellent dive sites popular with local dive operators. Sites such as Henry's Bommie, Little Fairey Inlet, The Shoals and Tina's Arm are all at Fairey Reef.

Henry's Bommie: On the north-western flank of the reef, Henry's Bommie is considered a premier attraction reaching from a depth of 12 metres to near the surface. A narrow gap opens into a cave which is worth exploring but beware the small opening. Inside you may find a huge clam and a resident turtle that is often spotted at night. Circumnavigation of the bommie is the best way to see it all and there is good coral cover and clouds of small tropical fish.

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Visibility: 10 - 20 metres

Diving depth: 5 - 15 metres.

Little Fairey Inlet: On the central western side of the reef, this is a classic dive starting at a wall along the entrance to the inlet at a depth of 16 metres. There are plenty of nooks and crannies to explore and fish life is abundant with brightly coloured angelfish, cod, trout and sweetlip often seen.

Visibility: 10 - 20 metres

Diving depth: 10 - 18 metres.

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  • Swimming

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The Shoals:
North of Henry's Bommie, The Shoals are a very easy diving site with negligible current at almost all tidal conditions. Swim-throughs into small lagoons make good exploring. Giant clams, sea cucumbers, and small tropical fish are typically seen, with blue spotted rays making an occasional appearance. Maori wrasse and reef sharks are also common. Average depth is eigt metres, but does drop away to 24 metres.
Visibility: 10 - 20 metres
Diving depth: 5 - 25 metres.

Tina's Arm:
In the centre, Tina's Arm is considered one of the prettiest sites on Fairey Reef. There is very good coral cover including large porites and gorgonian fans, the largest found at 25 metres. Divers experience plenty of fish life of all sizes and colours and regular encounters with reef sharks, barracuda and turtles. Diving is best at slack water as tides can be strong at some times. There are plenty of swim-throughs to explore if current is a problem.
Visibility: 15 - 30 metres
Diving depth: 5 - 30 metres.

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