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Daintree Rainforest Guided Interpreted Tours
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Indicative Rate* $40.00 to $400.00 Tour - All Inclusive

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Daintree Rainforest and Cooper Creek Wilderness provide ethical access to the most significant portion of the Daintree Rainforest in the Cape Tribulation section of the World Heritage Area.

Treks are on the rainforest floor, unspoiled by artificial structures. Inhabitant guides traverse discrete trails through a complex rainforest environment, part of an ancient landscape. Cooper Creek Wilderness occupies the centrepiece of the last remnant of the oldest-surviving rainforest in the world. A Gondwanan rainforest relict that has survived more than 160-million years, where ancient plants like the "green dinosaur" remain as living proof of its persistence over the millenia. Containing the most extensive remnant populations of primitive angiosperms (flowering plant families) in the world, Cooper Creek Wilderness is ideally positioned to showcase World Heritage values to visitors from around the world, through a variety of unique experiences.

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It takes determination and discernment to gain entry into the primitive sections of the Daintree Rainforest. The chances of finding extraordinary fauna and flora are increased by participating on both day and night tours.

Cooper Creek Wilderness has Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation, certified Climate Action Business and ROC, Respect Our Culture for all its products.

Your payments support their conservation.

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Other Information

Special rates for day tours for children 4 to 13 years.

Daintree Rainforest Guided Interpreted Tours Tours

CCW1 Grand Fan Palm Gallery Tour

Unique Fan Palm Forests

Experience the grandeur and awe-inspiring beauty within the Daintree's most spectacular fan palm dominated rainforest, on natural walking trails in a small, exclusive group. Cultural and natural heritage are interwoven with ecological values and biodiversity.

Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation supports conservation of the world's oldest rainforest.

Departure times: 10.00am and 2.00pm

Duration: 2 hours

Minimum 4 pax

Tour Information

Indicative Rates*

$50.00$50.00Tour and Admission
Children AUD40.00 4 years to 14.

Other Information

Children: You will need a carry pack for babies and toddlers

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CCW2 Nocturnal Wildlife Tour

Jalbil Jurassic Dinosaur

The greatest opportunity to observe some of Australia's most unique wildlife in natural habitat occurs after nightfall. Temperature, rainfall and moonlight all have profound effects on wildlife behaviour. The most ideal conditions occur on the hottest, wettest and darkest nights. By contrast, brightly-moonlit nights in the middle of the cooler, drier periods confer significantly greater challenges.

Discover the nocturnal sights, sounds and movements of the world's oldest rainforest with the custodian of rainforest secrets. Flashlights provided.

They recommend that you combine Day & Night Walks for a better understanding of the nature of the forest.

Tour Information

Indicative Rates*

$50.00$200.00Tour - All Inclusive
Not suitable for children under 8.

Other Information

Children: Not suitable for children under 8, except in a private charter group. AUD200 for 1 to 3 persons, plus AUD50 for each additional person.

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CCW3 Cooper Creek Wilderness Experience

Daddy and Chicks Cassowary

Cooper Creek Wilderness Tour

 - CCW3

Designed to showcase the richer diversity of natural and cultural heritage values within the prestigious Cooper Creek catchment by day.

Immerse yourself in a 5 to 6 hour tour comprising a 2-hour Grand Fan Palm Gallery day tour, a 1-hour cruise through the world's most diverse mangrove community in search of elusive estuarine crocodiles and a delicious lunch in a rainforest setting.

Self Drive. Starts at Cooper Creek Wilderness.

For keen walkers who want the 4-hour Greater Wilderness Day Walk in a package, add AUD30.00 per adult and AUD20.00 per child on arrival.

Tour Information

Indicative Rates*

$110.00$130.00Tour - All Inclusive
CCW3 PLUS - Add an extra two hours to your tour by including four hour Greater Wilderness Tour for an extra AUD30.00.

Other Information

Children: Contact operator for further details.

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CCW4 Combination Day and Night Tour

Boyd's Forest Dragon

Combination Day and Night Package

 - CCW4

Designed to showcase the rich diversity of natural and cultural heritage values within the prestigious Cooper Creek catchment.

Fewer than one per cent of travellers to the Cape Tribulation Daintree Rainforest successfully negotiate their way through the protective barrier that conceals the old-growth Gondwanan forest of Cooper Creek Wilderness. Guided, interpreted day tours reveal an extraordinary intellectual property, which amplifies the profundity of nature's masterpiece. Similarly, nocturnal tours reveal dimensions of global significance that are invariably hidden during daylight hours.

To optimise the profundity of this ancient and complex landscape, a combination of CCW3 and CCW2 with an evening meal included, is highly recommended.

CCW4 PLUS For keen walkers who want the 4-hour Greater Wilderness Day Walk in a package, add AUD30.00 per adult and AUD20.00 per child on arrival.

Tour Information

Indicative Rates*

$220.00$240.00Tour - All Inclusive
2 hour Grand Fan Palm Gallery tour, 1 hour mangrove cruise in search of crocodiles, lunch at a rainforest restaurant, evening meal and 2 hour Nocturnal Wildlife Tour. CCW4 PLUS include 4 hour Greater wilderness Tour to replace 2 hour walk for an extra AUD30. See CCW6.

Other Information

Children: Contact operator for further details.

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CCW5 Exclusive Private Charter

Primitive Angiosperm

Exclusive Private Charter 2-Hour Tour
 - CCW5

Photography, bird-watching, family groups, wedding groups, scientific groups - special needs met with pre-arranged exclusive groups and at times to suit. Can include longer, more rigorous walks, or easier more relaxed and informative walks.

Cooper Creek Wilderness manages its portion of the World Heritage estate through a rigorous regulatory regime. In accordance with Australia's international obligations, as defined within the World Heritage Convention, accessibility will remain subordinate to the fulfilment of its protective responsibilities.

This package gives visitors the best possible rainforest tour, featuring grand fan palm galleries, a unique 2 hour walk on a moderately easy natural walking trail, in depth interpretation by a local expert followed by exploration of Cooper Creek and optional swim (Day time only). It is designed to allow small groups to book onto a tour and can be built into package tours.

Tour Information

Indicative Rates*

$200.00$400.00Tour - All Inclusive
1 to 3 persons, plus AUD50.00 per person. Maximum of 12 persons per group.

Other Information

Children: Contact operator for further details.

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CCW6 Greater Wilderness Tour

Grand Fan Palm Gallery

Finally, a rainforest experience that showcases the best of the world's oldest surviving rainforest - without modification!

Travellers to tropical north Queensland are directed into a variety of 'Daintree Rainforests' featuring artificial structures including boardwalks, vehicle-based tours, bike-riding, horse-riding, bunjy-jumping, parachuting, hang-gliding, zip-lining, cable-gondolas ... the choices are incredible; but the greatest difficulty would seem to be gaining access into pristine rainforest without any gimmickry whatsoever.

Genuine old-growth rainforest, spectacular in its grandeur is presented not through the construction and maintenance of a formal trail network, but rather through the knowledge and memory of the inhabitant guide. Duration is variable, depending on conditions and client wishes.

A longer, more intensive guided tour through the awe-inspiring grandeur of majestic, old-growth rainforest with a rainforest expert, followed by an optional swim in a rainforest pool (weather permitting). This tour can be incorporated into our package tours CCW3 and CCW4 on request.

Tour Information

Indicative Rates*

$80.00$80.00Tour and Admission
Children AUD 60.

Other Information

Children: Contact operator for further details.

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* Please note: These rates are indicative based on the minimum and maximum available costs of listed products and services. To obtain a firm price from the provider, please use the contact the operator . All prices are quoted in Australian dollars.

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