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Working Holiday Visas

One of the best ways to discover Queensland is with a Working Holiday Visa (class 417), which is intended to allow young people who are not residents of Australia to work legally and earn money so that they can extend their travels. The program allows passport holders from eligible countries, aged between 18 and 30 to visit Australia for up to 12 months. For more information and further requirements visit www.immi.gov.au.

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How does adding ‘Best Jobs in the World’ to your resume sound? There are six jobs vacant across Australia including a Park Ranger in Queensland.

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Position: Park Ranger


The Park Ranger position requires someone to patrol the beaches, meet the wildlife and dive the world’s biggest aquarium. Sounds good, huh?

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Working Holidays


Watch videos from Queensland Working Holiday Visitors for just a few reasons why Queensland is an awesome place to work and play.

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The national currency is the Australian Dollar (AUD). Banks are generally open Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm. For currency conversions please visit www.xe.net.

Tipping is not common in Australia. When eating out, shopping or taking taxis, the prices are inclusive of GST. Of course, tipping is appreciated for exceptional service.

There is a 10% tax on all goods purchased in Australia. You can claim a refund of the goods and services tax (GST) and wine equalisation tax (WET) that you pay on goods you buy. The refund only applies to goods you take with you as hand luggage or wear on the aircraft or ship when you leave the country. For more information, please see the Tourist Refund Scheme on www.customs.gov.au.


Queensland has two international airports in Brisbane and Cairns. Most domestic travel is serviced by three domestic airlines in Australia:
- Qantas www.qantas.com.au
- Virgin Australia www.virginaustralia.com.au
- JetStar www.jetstar.com.au

Customs & Quarantine

When arriving in Australia, you must declare all food, plant and animal items. Seemingly harmless plant, food, wood or seeds can introduce deadly pests or disease. Prohibited products may include meat, nuts, live plants and fruit.

Trade in endangered and threatened wildlife and native Australian wildlife is strictly regulated. Products made from hard corals, giant clamshells, reptiles or whales may be prohibited or restricted. Please visit the following link for further information www.customs.gov.au

Visa Requirements

Anyone who is not an Australian citizen requires a valid visa or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). For details, please visit the Department of Immigration & Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs www.immi.gov.au. For a list of Foreign Embassies, please visit the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade www.dfat.gov.au/embassies.html


There are a wide variety of quality products on offer in Australia at very competitive prices. When shopping, sightseeing or visiting theme parks on tours, remember you have a choice of where and when to shop. Shop around and compare prices and quality before you buy.

As in other countries, some Australian business pay commissions to tour operators and tour guides to bring tour groups to their stores. In some instances the cost of these commissions may be passed on to you, the customer. While this does not necessarily mean prices will be higher than at other stores, you should have an opportunity to visit and buy from other outlets, so check your itinerary for free shopping time and ask for free time if none has been allocated.

While you are in Australia you are covered by Australia's consumer protection laws, which require businesses to treat you fairly. All stores must obey these laws. Australia also has specific consumer protection measures for the tourism industry; moist of Australia's States and Territories have legislation that requires travel agents, and can provide compensation to travellers should, for example, their travel agent go out of business.

Your country also has similar laws that protect your consumer rights and govern the professional standards of travel wholesalers and retailers in your home country. If you are not satisfied with what you have purchased from them, you may wish to contact the relevant government authority for travel and tourism in your home country. Please visit the Office of Fair Trading www.consumer.qld.gov.au

Time Differences

Australia is divided into three time zones. Queensland is on Eastern Standard Time throughout the year, which is 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. Daylight savings time is not practiced in Queensland.


Australia has 220-240 V; 50Hz with plugs that have angled pins. If the country you are travelling from has the same voltage as Australia, you simply need an adapter for all of your electronic appliances. Otherwise, you will need a converter to change the voltage from one amount to the other. This is especially important for visitors from USA and Japan.

Phone Services

There are five main mobile phone providers in Australia:
- Telstra www.telstra.com.au
- Optus www.optus.com.au
- Vodafone www.vodafone.com.au
- Virgin www.virginmobile.com.au
- 3 www.three.com.au

Australia's digital network is compatible with that used in Europe but generally not with the networks used in USA or Japan. If you a travelling for a short period, it may be beneficial to buy a prepaid mobile phone starter kit. This includes a SIM card and a prepaid phone card.

The area code for Queensland is 07. All mobile phones start with the prefix 04. When calling overseas, you will need to dial the international access code from Australia (0011), then the country code of the country you are calling and the appropriate area code.

The emergency number in Australia is 000.

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