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Birdwatching Destinations

Queensland's top birdwatching destinations cover a range of natural settings, from the wet tropics, to stunning islands and beaches, plus the unique environment of the Outback.

Look out for distinct and rare species found in the stunning destinations below or view a map here. With some carefully planning, you're in for a spectacular birdwatching experience.

Tropical North Queensland

Affectionately known as the jewel in Queensland’s crown in terms of birdwatching, the Wet Tropics are home to over 450 different types of birds including Asiatic and Arctic waders and distinctive rainforest species.

Cape York Peninsula

Stand on the tip of Australia and welcome hundreds of migratory birds to the region. Cape York is the only place in Australia that boasts 18 different types of bird that travel from New Guinea to Queensland. See thousands of brolgas, countless waders and sarus cranes on your travels through this diverse and unique landscape.

Queensland’s Outback

From the sand dunes and plains of the Channel Country in the south west, to the grass plains of the centre and the fringes of the Great Dividing Range in the east, Queensland’s Outback is comprised of diverse and uniquely Australian environments that support a surprising array of birdlife. Bustards and emus wander the Mitchell grass plains, wedge-tailed eagles soar on desert thermals, while around the billabongs corellas and galahs keep up a constant cacophony in the trees, fairy-wrens dart through the undergrowth, and flocks of luminescent green and gold budgerigars descend for a quick drink and to escape the heat.

South-East Queensland

Travel back in time to the world heritage listed Gondwana Rainforests of South-East Queensland - one of the best places to see some highly sought after species such as the Albert’s Lyrebird and the rufous scrub-bird. These birds are a missing link from the ancient Gondwanan times. The birds will visit you at Lamington National Park and Springbrook National Park, home to hundreds of beautiful birds.

The Great Barrier Reef

Want to see birds plunge headfirst into the sea at great speed? Take your binoculars when you visit the Great Barrier Reef and keep an eye out for terns, noddies and frigate birds diving into the ocean to feast on a meal of fresh fish.

Fraser Island

Whether you are out to spot rainforest birds or those that live on the beach, Fraser Island will be sure to please. The diversity of birds that call the Island home is impressive with up to 350 different species including kingfishers, honeyeaters, waders and woodland birds, all waiting to be found. If you are lucky you might even catch a glimpse of the rare Black Breasted Button Quail on the southern tip of the island or one of Australia’s rarest and most elusive birds, the Ground Parrot.

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