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How to use the site

When you look at our homepage, you'll find there are many ways of browsing and accessing travel information. We also have several tools and additional features to make your search a lot easier.

Essentially, our site allows you to browse for locations and travel options, and then helps tailor what you're looking for. Ultimately you'll click through to a page with detailed content about a destination, event or activity. This is where the really useful information is - whether it's hotel details and prices, family activities or fun festivals.

Once you've found the destination or region you're after, you'll also be able to find accommodation details, or things to see and do in the area by using the menu running down the left-hand side of the page. Alternatively, if you begin by browsing for hotels, the site can show you all the sights and sounds in the local area.

If you want to skip browsing the menus and are hoping to access specific information quickly, you can of course type a query into the search box, which is located near the top of the page, under the menu. Entering a search term or search phrase in the search box will return a list of relevant web pages available on the Queensland Holidays site.

All these options are designed to help you connect with relevant information quickly, and also give you a clear and fun way to browse through the range of travel options in Queensland.

How to use the tools

  • Brochures
    You can view or download our information brochures directly in your browser. The e-Brochures can also be emailed, downloaded as PDFs and printed. Otherwise, if you live in Australia we can post them to you.
    Requires Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat.
  • e-Newsletters
    Stay informed about special holiday deals, competitions and offers. Fill in the form, select your travel preferences and hit Subscribe! We'll regularly send you an email with all the latest magical destinations.
  • Podcasts
    If you'd rather listen to an audio file on your iPod or computer, you can download or stream our informative MP3s. With our expert guides, you'll discover great tips on where to eat, drink, play and stay in Queensland.
    Requires a media player.
  • Photos and Videos
    Browse through stunning photos of our beaches, rainforests, reef and the outback. Or, take a quick trip around Queensland with some of our videos! Warning: what you'll see may be irresistible.

Additional features

  • Holiday Deal Search
  • Help your holiday deal search by using the drop-down filters on the Holiday Deals page. 1112HolidaySearchHelp
    1. Select a Region - there are 14 regions in Queensland (eg. Tropical North Queensland, Gold Coast, The Whitsundays).
    2. Select a Location - these are major cities and towns (eg. Brisbane, Cairns, Noosa Heads, Airlie Beach).
    3. Select a Product Type - you'll find Accommodation, Attractions, Tours, Events and more!
    4. Select a Promotion - if you've seen a particular promotion advertised, check here.

You don't need to use all four filters, just whatever's right for you!

  • Star Ratings for Accommodation
    4.5 stars imageQueensland Holidays has adopted the Star Rating Scheme of AAATourism. These are nationally consistent ratings based on over 500 criteria to assess a property and determine its rating between one and five stars. One star represents basic accommodation through to five stars which represent the highest quality accommodation. This way you're always assured that our product listings are accurate and meet your expectations.
    Please note that membership of the AAATourism Star Ratings Scheme is completely voluntary for each accommodation provider, and they can elect whether to join the scheme or not. AAA Tourism's Trade Marks Registration means that only properties joining the Australian STAR Rating Scheme are licensed to use a STAR Rating, and as such those who are not a member of the scheme will not show up in our results when using our "Star Rating" search option in the accommodation section.

  • Accessible products
    For access information on accommodation, attractions, tours and other visitor experiences, look out for the specific details under the Other tab of each individual listing.
    This is also indicated with the access logo logo.

  • Tripadvisor Reviews  Tripadvisor-reviews
    We often receive feedback from our visitors that they find "customer reviews" handy when planning their trip. To help with these requests, we've incorporated "tripadvisor" links into our site. This means that for every "listing" on our website that has a corresponding page on Tripadvisor with reviews, you can simply click on the Tripadvisor logo (example shown on the right), and a new window will open that takes you directly to their "rating" page on Tripadvisor. This allows you to weigh up customer reviews on an independent consumer review site when making your holiday descisions!

  • How can I be updated when new holidays deals become available?
    There are two ways of staying up to date: you can subscribe to our e-Newsletter, which sends a regular email packed with ideas and offers to your inbox. Or, if you prefer instant notification, you can hook up to our RSS feed and get all the latest updates as soon as they appear on the site. It's automatic and really easy to use.

  • How do I print pages?
    When you've reached a detailed product page, all you have to do to print is click on the Print version link in the Would you like to box. This will open a new window with the content and will automatically prompt your computer to print the page. All the important information about the destination, accommodation or event is included on this page.

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