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The calm, protected waters of Hervey Bay provide the perfect conditions for mother Humpbacks to teach their newborn calves survival skills and is recognised as the Whale Watching capital of Australia. Check out the hot holiday deals now!  The Great Barrier Reef’s warmer waters also make for the ultimate playground.

Sit back and watch one of the world’s largest creatures dazzle you with their majesty and their might as they hurl themselves out of the water. Humpback Whales travel along our Queensland coastline from June to November each year on their migration to Antarctica. They are best seen in the shallow coastal waters of the Great Barrier Reef, in Tropical North Queensland and the Whitsundays, and further south in Hervey Bay, Moreton Bay, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Queensland offers many ways to interact with these gentle giants from full and half-day whale watching tours to liveaboard trips north of Cairns to snorkel with Dwarf Minke Whales. Whichever you choose, this experience is waiting to take your breath away.

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