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Looking for a close encounter with some of Australia’s best birdlife? Or just out to enjoy nature and take in the local wildlife?

Grab your binoculars and go for a bushwalk or just gaze from the balcony of your hotel and you’ll be sure to meet some of our fantastic feathered friends. With an environment that spans the arid outback, tropical wetlands, rainforests and roaring coastal waters, Queensland is home to a stunning and diverse of birdlife.

Top Birds in Queensland

Queensland is home to over 600 different species of birds. Many are just visitors to the state and others live here permanently. Here are just some of the outstanding birds that you may see on your next holiday.

Albert’s Lyrebird

Be serenaded by one of the rainforest’s most beautiful residents! Lifting his long filmy tail over his back to form an umbrella of shimmery lace, the male Albert’s Lyrebird perform exquisite songs of mimicry to attract the ladies.

Southern Cassowary

See a bird as big as yourself in Tropical North Queensland’s Wet Tropics. These large flightless birds can grow up to 2m in height and are vital to the survival of the rainforest due to their effective gardening technique! They spread seeds from up to 70 different rainforest trees and plants across the region, providing a vital service for the ecosystem. Perhaps their most striking feature is the large "helmet", striking blue head and black body feathers that adorn the males.

Buff-Breasted Kingfisher

Meet one of Australia’s most spectacular birds right here in Queensland! The Buff-breasted Kingfisher travels from New Guinea to Queensland where it breeds in termite mounds on the forest floor before returning home. This beautifully coloured bird has crimson red beak, shiny blue head and body feathers and a boldly coloured buff breast. Look for their long white tail feathers that stream behind it as it flies through the forest.

Golden Bowerbird

Watch in awe at a Golden Bowerbird building its impressive nest to lure the ladies. Incredibly, the nest resembles a large upright column that can be up to 2 metres in height. Keep your eyes peeled for a flash of bright yellow brilliance streaking through the forest floor - the male Golden Bowerbirds are simply stunning!

Palm Cockatoo

When travelling through Cape York, listen to the unique drumming sound and pretty double whistle of the Palm Cockatoo. This large black bird is equipped with the world’s strongest curved beak to break through nuts. If you spot a spectacular spiky crest and bright red cheeks then you know you have found it!

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