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Harvey & the Humpbacks


Fraser Coast Marine Centre of Excellence

Welcome to the ‘Green Room’ – this is where Harvey & The Humpbacks (and their friends) hang out in-between performances. While they swim about and relax, there’s a whole stack of people in the background watching their performances, taking notes and researching how to make their ‘stage’ even better for them in the future.

The best whale action happens on the Fraser Coast particularly at Hervey Bay. So it makes sense that Oceania’s Project Founders (Wally and Trish Franklin) set up the Fraser Coast Marine Centre of Excellence in partnership with Hervey Bay Whale Watch operators.

While you and I know Harvey & The Humpbacks are already excellent, it’s important that research continues into their well-being so we can make sure their performances continue for a long time to come. So the Centre of Excellence was formed so that these dedicated researchers can combine their knowledge and research into Harvey and the other marine mammals to keep them safe.

The Fraser Coast is the central hub for all this awesome research into the conservation and protection of whales, dolphins and the oceans backed by the expertise of dedicated researchers like Wally and Trish. It’s little wonder that the Fraser Coast as Australia’s whale watching capital.

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