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Harvey & the Humpbacks

Introducing The Band

What to Expect

There’s no risk of sitting in the back bleachers on a Hervey Bay whale watching tour – front-row action is a given! Hervey Bay’s experienced whale watching operators know exactly where Harvey and the Humpbacks will be performing and can celebrity spot better than Perez Hilton himself.

While they might say hi to fans all along the East coast, Harvey and the Humpbacks really let loose in Hervey Bay with their signature moves some of the most exciting you’ve ever seen!

Whale shooting water into the air

The Blow

There’s no need for pyrotechnics or smoke machines out here – Harvey makes a grand entrance with a blow of water that shoots into the air as he rises to the surface to breathe.

Whale breaching

The Breach

Stage diving is for amateurs. Think of the biggest animal you have ever seen soaring out of the water, long fins waving then plunging back down into the water with a giant SLAP!

Whale tail

Fluke-Up Dive

This is the money shot for any budding rock photographer. Majestic and graceful for their size, sometimes humpbacks slip forward in the water, leaving their tail hanging vertically. (Remember, the tail is their fingerprint - every one is unique.)

Whale looking at a boat

Spy Hopping

Like any good encore, Harvey and the Humpbacks know when to pop back up for more applause. They love to poke their heads out of the water and take a good look around.

Whale looking at a boat

The Tell

Ever noticed how humpbacks arch their backs before diving? Or seen the raised “hump” above their dorsal fin? That’s where the humpbacks get their name.

Whale looking at a boat

Rock Law

Harvey and the Humpbacks are born rock stars. They have incredible powers of endurance. The migration tour covers 10,000 kilometres with little rest. But when they reach Hervey Bay they still have the energy to leap up and thump their fins and flukes up to 30 times in 5 minutes!


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