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Harvey & the Humpbacks

Introducing The Band

Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass

Hi, Hilly Humpback here, humpbacks member and your in-depth reporter with the latest news on the band.

Could it be true? Lead singer Harvey confesses that when he leaps high up out of the water, it’s not all for show - the force of his re-entry also removes some of the barnacles that have attached to him over the years! Rock off, Harvey!

He has no teeth either. None of the humpbacks do! We’re baleen whales. We ingest millions of tiny krill by surging up through the water with our mouths and upper bellies open. And while we may not have the best table manners in the world, we’re leaps ahead in the brains department.

Some of the band’s favourite activities are the same as yours. We love playing games, we like to sing and spend time with our families.

He may be the leader of the band, but Harvey is on average smaller than the ladies, who measure in at around 16 metres. Measure out 16 metres on the ground and you’ll get some idea of just how long we are! Hervey Bay brings out the best in the humpbacks. We’re looking forward to having a whale of a time with all our fans there this year.

I’ll be waving!


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