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Harvey & the Humpbacks

Appearance Dates

Harvey & the Humpbacks on Tour Dates

Harvey and the Humpbacks are massive rock stars, making appearances all along the east coast of Australia, but only in Hervey Bay are you guaranteed the most up-close-and-personal experience of your life.

The paparazzi are on full alert for Harvey’s appearance this year but don’t wait around for the gossip mags to hit stands. Hervey Bay’s whale watching tour operators will be keeping us up to speed with all the latest photos and video in real-time. Keep checking back for all the latest action.

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Venue: Great Barrier Reef, Appearing: June to October

After touring all the way from Antarctica, with so much happening at each stage of the tour, the Humpbacks finally pause to rest in the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.

Here the pristine waters of the Coral Sea temporarily become a maternity ward, as touring mothers give birth to the next generation of the band, weighing in at around two tonnes each!

Venue: Hervey Bay - The Main Event, Appearing: July to November

Hervey Bay is where the humpbacks come to have fun, which makes it the best place in the world to watch them. Its calm, sheltered waters are also where the touring mothers bring their newborn calves to explore.

After the demands of the tour so far, the humpbacks are ready to rock! And like the natural born stars they are, you can expect some playful antics, like leaping up and thumping their huge fins and tail flukes up to 30 times in five minutes! With kilometres of idyllic beaches, Hervey Bay surrounds you with World Heritage listed parks and islands.

Venue: Sunshine Coast, Appearing: June to early November

Many Humpbacks travel within just a few kilometres of the coastline, so you can watch them on their migratory path from headlands along the coast. The friendly locals and wide sunny beaches of the Sunshine Coast make ideal conditions to observe the Humpbacks bursting out of the water and rolling into backward somersaults!

Venue: Moreton Bay, Appearing: June to November

Just 25km from the CBD of Brisbane is beautiful, eco-rich Moreton Bay Marine Park. With its abundant marine life you could see the Humpbacks with a support act of dugongs, green turtles, loggerhead turtles or dolphins! You'll find some of the best land-based views of the whales in action on Moreton Bay's beautiful North Stradbroke Island.

Afterwards, there are plenty of other adventurous activities to get up to in the Bay.

Venue: The Gold Coast, Appearing: Mid-June to November

Crossing the border to their Queensland leg of the tour, Harvey and the Humpbacks gracefully amble up the Coast, basking in sunshine. They're still going strong on the krill they ingested before leaving Antarctica two months before. After the natural thrills of a day with the Humpbacks, join in the fun on the Gold Coast's vibrant beaches, and step out to one of its many great restaurants.


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