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Southern Great Barrier Reef

When you’re looking for a sea change to escape the daily grind you’re better off getting some advice from the experts. Every year thousands of ancient mariners vote with their fins and head to the coral cay atolls of the Southern Great Barrier Reef for a shell change to lay eggs, crunch down some coral and talk reef.

With 150 million years of experience riding the oceanic currents in search for a prime piece of reef estate to kick back and get their shells waxed, you can trust their choice to be an informed one.

Humans are also catered for, with a number of island getaways where you can sink into your hammock with a good book under the soothing shade of a palm tree, or go for a snorkel with our resident marine life.

Come and explore the crystal-clear waters of our coral cay atolls and you will soon understand why Jacques Costeau lauded the Southern Great Barrier Reef as one of the world’s premier dive destinations.


Reef Experiences

Attend a turtle convention in Bundaberg

Every year, the biggest population of loggerhead turtles in the South Pacific come ashore at Mon Repos to ensure the future survival of a critically endangered species. 

Arrive at the beach as night falls, and witness thousands of newly-hatched turtles emerge from their eggs and begin their journey towards the ocean.  

Swim with the manta rays at Lady Elliot Island

Recharge your batteries at one of our Great Barrier Reef island resorts and dive or snorkel with its 40 resident manta rays.

With dolphins, turtles and an abundance of fish frequenting the island's clear water all year round, Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort offers the perfect mix of laid back island lifestyle and underwater adventure.  


Escape civilization at Wilson Island

If you want to get away from everyone and escape in style, Wilson Island is the place for you. Here you can stay at a 5-star luxury resort built on a coral cay and recline into the lap of luxury.

Take a relaxing walk along stunning beaches or snorkel with the turtles. Whether you choose to do something or nothing at all, you will leave feeling pampered and refreshed. 


Shipwreck yourself at Keppel Island

Shipwreck yourself on a sand-fringed island and become immersed in a world thousands of years in the making at Great Keppel Island. Discover hidden snorkelling spots by kayak or go bushwalking in the native forest.

With activities ranging from hammock-napping to fishing and kayaking, there's something on offer for every taste and style. 

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