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Great Barrier Reef Documentary

In a series of 3 one-hour episodes, Australian documentary makers Digital Dimensions, BBC Earth and Channel 9 bring you the most ambitious documentary ever produced on the Great Barrier Reef.

Join marine biologist and award-winning Australian underwater cinematographer Richard Fitzpatrick on an expedition to uncover the secret of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Exploring the 2300km reef system, Richard travels from the wild outer reefs of the Coral Sea to the tangle of mangrove and rainforest on the shoreline, and from the large mountainous islands to tiny coral cays barely above sea level.

This series sets a new benchmark in underwater filming technology. Remote mini-cameras, motion controlled underwater time-lapse and remotely operated vehicles have taken cameras where none have previously been; capturing the previously unseen magic of the reef - from its immense scale to the most intimate detail.

You can order the full documentary on DVD or Blueray directly from ABC's online shop

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