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Dinosaur Bones and Fossils

Sink your teeth into the prehistoric dinosaur history of Queensland’s Outback.

A road trip along the Tropic of Capricorn, starting on the Capricorn coast at Yeppoon and roaming inland through Blackwater, Longreach, Winton to Boulia, uncovers a living museum of prehistoric fossils and geological landscapes from a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

You will discover giant marine reptiles that swam in an ancient inland sea and the dinosaurs that roamed Queensland’s Outback around 100 million years ago. Put on your Palaeontologist hat and join a dig to dust off dinosaur bones or trawl through the impressive displays in the museums throughout the outback.

Visit the limestone Capricorn Caves to see fossils ingrained in the cave walls, fossick for dinosaur fossils at Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum or see the world’s best-preserved dinosaur stampede at Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways.

Plan a dinosaur road trip by viewing the Dig the Tropic drive brochure.

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