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Is a heart-thumping, adrenalin-pumping adventure your thing? Well, dive head first into one of Queensland’s epic sports right here!

Whether you’re hanging with your mates or wanting a family-friendly ride, Queensland’s mountain biking trails are a plenty and cater to all abilities. Singletrack, multi-use trails, forest roads, rail trails and downhill are on offer with man-made and natural terrain tracks accessible for riding in some of Queensland’s most idyllic locations.

If you’re looking for a hard core rock climbing adventure with breathtaking views, Queensland is the place to be. South East Queensland’s scenic rim has a plethora of basalt columns, dykes and cliff faces with good access. Several routes on the Sunshine Coast’s Glass House Mountains offer well-equipped climbers stunning summits to tackle. The Great Diving Range is another spot where climbing crags are enjoyed by many.

If indoor climbs are more your thing, specially devised centres offer exhilarating climbs, with skill, concentration, effort and perseverance all coming into play. Rock climbing at various levels, both indoors and out, are on offer so get climbing today.

If you like the feeling of wind in your hair, sky diving is a fast and exhilarating ride. Queensland’s climate and unique coastal and hinterland locations make for a spectacular soar, especially as you freefall at around 200km/hr before the parachute is deployed and you cruise back to earth.

Take on an adventure of another kind and try your hand at kite surfing. Whatever you choose it's sure to deliver a full blown adrenalin fix that will keep you coming back for more!

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