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Snorkelling is one of the best ways to view this incredible underwater world. Most marine activity takes place in the top 4 metres of the ocean and as Queensland boasts some of the world's clearest water, visibility is always at a premium with some days offering more than 30 metres.

With minimal equipment and a few moments of instruction, the colours of the reef open up to a snorkeller. If you haven't snorkelled before, most marine tour operators will offer instruction before you enter the water and will have staff on hand to assist you. The only requirements are the ability to swim and fairly good fitness as snorkelling is a strenuous activity.

You don't need complicated equipment, just a well fitting mask, a snorkel and fins - which will be supplied on your tour or available for hire onboard. You can also hire prescription lenses if you usually wear glasses.

On some islands and parts of the Queensland coast, you can snorkel right off the beach and see spectacular marine and coral life. Remember to take care with the sun though; snorkelling can occupy you for hours.

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