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The Whitsundays

Natural Encounters

The Whitsunday islands that can be seen today are the tops of an extensive mountain range that was covered by melted water at the end of the last ice age. The indigenous Ngaro tribe became a seafaring people that used sturdy bark canoes to hunt marine animals and get around the islands. Today, you can follow their path through South Molle and Whitsunday Islands on a 6 day kayaking tour of the Ngaro Sea Trail, which includes a look at indigenous art in a Hook Island cave that dates back 9,000 years.

Many of the islands are lush National Parks lined with sandy beaches and fringing coral reef gardens teeming with marine wildlife. The largest island in the group, Whitsunday Island is home to the iconic Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet that can be experienced on a number of day tours.

Snorkel on the fringing reefs of the islands and learn to dive on the outer Great Barrier Reef, where you will see brightly coloured fish, turtles and manta rays at play in this aquatic playground. In the winter months, keep a look-out for pods of humpback whales playing in the calmer waters during their annual migration along the Queensland coastline.

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