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Diving with schooling Snapper, Queensland
Scuba Diving, Queensland
Map of Great Detached Reef Dive Site
Great Barrier Reef
Queensland 4870 Australia

Great Detached Reef Dive Site
Cairns, Cairns Area

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Located off Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Detached Reef is a large complex of several reefs on an older fossil surface. This reef has about 46 kilometres of edge. Wall diving and very steep down to over 400 metres with some small caves in the wall. Barracuda, trevally and sharks, along with schools of basslets, fussiliers and sometimes blue-lined snapper. Moray eels, lobster, shrimp and nudibranch. Lots of large potato cod and some mantarays and turtles.

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From 2m to 40+m
Average 60m

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  • Scuba-Diving

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