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Tropical North Queensland


Our tropical lifestyle is more than swapping your city clothes for a pair of thongs. It’s a change of mindset, an escape from the rat race, and if you’re from “down south”, you’re in for a healthy dose of sunshine.

On the flipside of adventure, you will find award-winning restaurants, gourmet adventures, and lush rainforest retreats.

Forget the world for a while, set your clock to tropical time, and indulge in fresh seafood at a beach-side restaurant while you watch the moon rise over the Great Barrier Reef.

Set in rich farmlands blessed by the seasonal tides of the tropics, Tropical North Queensland also offers a top shelf selection of tropical fruits and organic meat and dairy.

Learn more about our culture through Indigenous dreamtime stories served with a five-course bush tucker meal in the wild and gain a deeper appreciation for this region’s history and traditions.

Explore our self-drive food trails and festivals, spend the day fishing, or just enjoy the soothing sea breeze from your hammock.  You’ve earned it.

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