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Islands and Beaches

The front of the kayak cuts through the water as you paddle out into Horseshoe Bay. It’s another beautiful day on the island, the sun is shining and the gentle breeze is keeping you cool.

Suddenly you are greeted by a couple of inquisitive dolphins, the playful animals not afraid to say hello before retreating back to the sea.

Later, you explore the island further and try a couple of the 25kms of walking tracks meandering through the National Park.

It’s an idyllic setting with koalas perched high in the trees and rock wallabies darting around the rugged terrain. Magnetic Island is just one of the islands to visit in the Townsville region. For more bushwalking and wildlife head to Hinchinbrook Island, home of the famous Thorsborne trail.

Or, for a touch of luxury set yourself up at a private beach villa on Orpheus Island—a perfect place to snorkel on the reef. On the mainland, Bushland, Saunders, Toolakea, Toomulla and Balgal beaches all provide quiet spots to relax and unwind away from the crowds.

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