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Melrose Station
Keith & Kaye's Garden
Map of Australian Open Garden Scheme - Warwick

Australian Open Garden Scheme - Warwick
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08 - 09 March



Melrose Station - Rambling park-like garden surrounding a beautiful historic homestead enjoying bucolic views of a lake and mountain ranges beyond. Rolling green lawns set off mature trees including pecans and weeping willows. Carpet roses, standard 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg'. Vegetable garden, sandstone church, blacksmith shop. Wine tastings.

Keith and Kaye's garden - Tranquil garden with views over Farm Creek and the Great Dividing Range. Heritage machinery integrated among beds featuring white and pink 'Iceberg' roses and Pittosporum tenuifolium. Maples, swamp cypresses, liquidambars, elms and ashes in glorious autumn garb on emerald lawns. Creek walks. Heritage display.

Property Details


  • Car park
    Car park

Event Dates

08 - 09 March

Frequency: Annual

Entry Costs

EntryCostValid From 
Adult$7.00   08 - 09 Mar   The cost is AUD7 at each open Garden.


Melrose Station

Barlows Gate Road
Queensland Australia 4373

Keith and Kaye's Garden

1319 Yangan Killarney Rd
Queensland Australia 4372

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