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Infographic: Birdsville Races Facts

Birdsville Facts Infographic

Birdsville Races Facts

  • Birdsville is closer to Adelaide than Brisbane (1,578km vs 1,192km). 
  • Birdsville Population is usually around 100 but swells during the Birdsville Races to around 6,000. 
  • The record race crowd clocked in at 8,500 people! 80,000 cans of beer are sold at the Races (equivalent to 600 baths). 
  • 12,000 pies are sold from Birdsville Bakery (enough to fill 4 football fields). 
  • 142 real horses and 15 toy horses attend the races. 
  • 150km of toilet paper used over the weekend, that’s a trip from Brisbane to Noosa! 
  • Big Red is a 40m sand dune in Simpson Desert. Simpson Desert contains the longest parallel sand dunes in the world. 
  • It would take 200 hours to run from Brisbane to Birdsville, 20 hours to drive and 5 hours 45minutes to fly. 
  • Birdsville is the only track in Queensland that runs anti-clockwise. 
  • And if you are still trying to figure out why people get hooked on the Birdsville Races, watch this.

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