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Cosmos Centre and Observatory
Charleville, South West

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07 4654 7771

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Wow, Ooh ahh and Brilliant, are the words you hear as visitors view the incredible beauty of the Milky Way Galaxy, through the powerful Meade telescopes.

Charleville's Cosmos Centre and Observatory is dedicated to ensuring visitors enjoy the wonder of the outback night sky. The guides at the Cosmos Centre share their knowledge and you will observe binary stars, star clusters, planets and the Moon.

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The Cosmos Centre operates day and night experiences; both activities will build on your knowledge of astronomy and bring you up to date with new discoveries.

Ask yourself have you ever:-

Held a meteorite in your hand? Seen the rings of Saturn? Viewed star clusters 17,000 light years away? Seen the craters on the Moon? Wondered about dwarf planets? Seen the sun through a telescope?

At Astronomy by Day discover the truth about falling stars (they don't!), how the Solar System formed and all about their five new dwarf planets.

It's fun, it's interesting and well worth a trip to the dark open skies of Queensland's Outback.

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Other Information

Children enjoy the Observatory and Day sessions. At night one of the telescopes can be lowered to children's height. Children under four are free of charge if not viewing through the telescopes.

There is access for guests with a disability. The telescopes are mounted on plinths that can be brought down to wheelchair level. The theatre and most of the interactive displays are wheelchair accessible.

Pets Allowed:
Yes. Pets are not allowed in the building. Nice shady areas during the day to tie them up if required.

Access Information:
Headlights are restricted at night. Visitors are asked to not arrive for their evening observatory sessions until 15 minutes before commencement. Headlights cause an enormous amount of light pollution. Arriving at the designated time assists in keeping light pollution to a minimum.

Further Details:
Astronomy by Night
Telescope Viewing: This is your opportunity to view distant stars, planets, moon and star clusters through powerful telescopes. Star guides present the night sky in good old fashioned 'plain English', they want to share their love of astronomy and all things cosmic in a way that is easy to understand. You will leave the observatory not only seeing the wonders in the sky but having a greater understanding of what you have observed.
Stories of the Night Sky: Your Cosmos Guide uses a powerful astro laser light to point out and explain the constellations and tell the ancient stories. On dark nights guides interpret the dark spaces in the sky that make up the Indigenous constellations.

Astronomy by Day - designed to pique your interest in all things astronomical. Chat time with a guide: Mini Talks that explore the Cosmos.
Catch a Falling Star! Do they fall, can they shoot? Stars can do a lot of things but only one really well. Find out what they do and even hold a 'shooting star' in your hands.
Whatever happened to Pluto? A short chat on the new definitions of the Solar System and the development of five dwarf planets. Quirky information of the planets, which planet has a day that's longer than a year, how to discover a planet through maths and much more.
Paint the Nebula - Hubble Style: Do brightly coloured nebulae exist? Answer, well sort of! Find out how Hubble images are so incredibly colourful and find out if they are true colour or not.

Cosmos Theatre: The Cosmos Theatre presents a short film - Journey to Infinity. How did the planets form? What influence has the Sun on Earth? Why are we the only place where life, as we know it, exists?
Hands On Displays: Six hands on displays give you time to become acquainted with the ancient star gazers and their beliefs, travel to our nearest star, find out the difference between astrology and astronomy, send your own space rocks into Earth to see what happens and much much more.
View the sun through a telescope? The classic opportunity to view the only star you can see in the day time - Our Sun. The Sun always surprises visitors; it's like nothing you can imagine. Protected by an incredible filter you can gaze at the Suns surface with a Cosmos Guide.

Cosmos Cafe: Open from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. the Cosmos Cafe has light snacks and great coffee. Why not try their Light Year Latte, Cosmic Cappuccino, Moons Drops or their speciality, Saturn-Shire Tea (similar to Devonshire Tea - but made from Saturn ingredients!!!)
Come outback to explore the Cosmos and learn about astronomy - it's astronomical!

How To Get There:
Follw the Mitchell highway to Cunnamulla - follow the signs to the airport, at the airport turn off follow "the Cosmos' signs which will direct you to the centre.
Charleville Taxis offer a special Cosmos Service pick up drop off from accommodation for AUD15.00 per couple return. The Cosmos Centre and Observatory is four kilometres from the centre of Charleville on the Mitchell.

Cancellation and Refunds Policy
No refund is available for cancellation after 3.00 p.m. unless the seat can be resold. A full refund is available for those cancelled prior to 3.00 p.m. A full refund is available when a session is cancelled due to weather. A partial refund is available if the session cannot be completed. Contact the operator for further details.

Opening Hours:
High Season (April to October) - Observatory: Bookings essential open every night including Good Friday and Anzac Day. Astronomy by Day and Cosmos Cafe is open every day. Sun viewing is available Tuesday or Thursdays and Saturdays (providing the temperature is below 26 degrees Celsius).
Low Season (November to March) - Observatory: Bookings essential open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Nights. Astronomy By Day is open from Monday to Saturdays. Sun Viewing is not available during the Low Season.

Entry Costs

EntryCostValid FromInclusions
Adult$27.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Cosmos Observatory session
Adult$9.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Astronomy by Day.
Adult$12.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Introduction to the Night Sky
Adult$10.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Sun Viewing.
(Aged 4-14)
$18.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Cosmos Observatory session
(Aged 4-14)
$7.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Astronomy by day.
(Aged 4-14)
$7.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Introduction to the Night Sky
(Aged 4-14)
$8.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Sun Viewing.
Concession$22.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Observatory. Concessions prices are available for seniors and students.
Concession$9.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Astronomy by Day. Concessions prices are available for seniors and students.
Concession$10.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Introduction to the night sky. Concessions prices are available for seniors and students.
Concession$10.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Sun Viewing. Concessions prices are available for seniors and students.
Family$59.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Observatory for two adults and two children. Note if children under 4 wish to look through the telescopes they will need to pay the child rate.
Family$25.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Astronomy by Day for two adults and two children.
Family$28.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Introduction to the Night Sky for two adults and two children. Telescopes are not used in this session.
Family$26.00   30 Jun - 31 Dec 14   Sun viewing for two adults and two children.

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Cosmos Centre and Observatory - Print Brochure
Map of Cosmos Centre and Observatory
1 Qantas Drive
Queensland 4470 Australia

Contact Details

07 4654 7771


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