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Muttaburra Motors and Cafe
Local Residence at Muttaburra
The beautiful Thomson River, Muttaburra
An old car body, Muttaburra
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Visit the town of Muttaburra and experience the sense of wide open spaces, where the sky stretches undisturbed from one horizon to the other - spectacular by day, glowing with stars by night.

Experience the vastness of the true Queensland Outback and discover the Heritage Trail and Cemetery dating back to 1885. Enjoy a day exploring, bush-walking, water-skiing or fishing. If you are a keen angler you will be attracted to the headwaters of the Thomson River, the Muttaburra Pump Hole and the local camping spot at Broadwater where you will be amongst some of the Thomson's biggest Yellowbelly and Black Bream.

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In the heart of dinosaur country, Muttaburra is one of the world's richest repositories of fossilised dinosaur bones. Formerly part of the great inland sea, this region is alive with fossils from another age. History doesn't go back much further than this. The town is best known for the discovery of fossilised bones of a previously unknown dinosaur, the Muttaburrasaurus, named after the town. The creature is believed to have been 12 metres long, two and a half metres high from the hip and weighing in at 15 tonnes. A full size replica can be seen in the town. The area has become renowned for fossils and who knows, you may be the next to discover a fossilised dinosaur skeleton!

Two very special attractions are found in Muttaburra, history that has been preserved from a more recent era Dr Arratta Memorial Medical Museum, displaying medical history from the turn of the century and Cassimatis Store, a tremendous display recognising the contribution of the Cassimatis family, one of many Greek families who took up the challenge to live in the Outback. The Cassimatis Store, originally opened in 1914 has been reopened, after a full renovation in 2001.

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