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The Stonehouse Museum, Boulia
The Boulia Camel Races are held annually in July.
The Min Min Encounter helps unravel the mysteries of the Min Min Lights around Boulia.
The mysterious Min Min Light near Boulia.
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There are a lot of bush yarns and legends in this Outback country, but the people of Boulia reckon the pick of the bunch are the ones about the mysterious Queensland icon, the Min Min Light. Here is a yarn about the Light they would like to share with you.

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It was shortly after the Min Min Hotel was destroyed by fire around 1912, when a stockman had one of the first experiences with the Min Min Light:

"About 10.00 p.m. I was riding to Boulia and passed close to the Min Min graveyard. The night was somewhat cloudy. All of a sudden I saw a strange glow right in the middle of the cemetery. It got bigger until it was the size of a large watermelon. I couldn't believe my eyes as I watched it hovering over the graveyard. I broke into a cold sweat as it started coming toward me. It was too much for my nerves. I dug the spurs into my horse and headed for Boulia as fast as I could go. Every time I looked back the light seemed to be following me. It only disappeared out of Boulia".

To preserve the history and myths surrounding the Min Min Light, the Boulia Shire Council created the Min Min Encounter Complex. Be part of the 45-minute show introducing you to characters like Gunna and Bluey who have seen the light.

More than 100 million years ago Boulia was part of Australia's inland sea. Visit Dick at the Stonehouse Museum and be amazed by the extensive marine fossil display and the array historical artefacts from early settlers, including machinery, saddlery and hospital instruments.

The state of the art Sports and Aquatic Centre is right at your fingertips when you come to Boulia.

Yellowbelly and redclaw can be found at Parapituri Waterhole, the Police Barracks Waterhole and also in the Burke River.

Come and celebrate 12 years of racing in Boulia at the Boulia Camel Races on the third weekend of July.

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Sealed road from Mount Isa to the north and Winton to the east. During wet weather, enquire about road conditions.

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