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"Llewellyn" Dive Site | East Mackay, Mackay Area

Free Entry

Exciting wreck diving is to be had at the historic 'Llewellyn' site, east of Mackay on the Great Barrier Reef.
More on "Llewellyn" Dive Site >

Broken River | Eungella, Mackay Area

Broken River

Free Entry

Visit Broken River in Eungella National Park for one of the best spots in Australia to see a platypus in its natural environment.
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Broken River - Visit Website

Cape Palmerston National Park | Ilbilbie, Isaac Area

Cape Palmerston National Park

Free Entry

Cape Palmerston National Park features sandy dunes, unspoilt beaches and rocky headlands, with Mount Funnel towering to 344 metres.
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Cape Palmerston National Park - Visit Website

Crediton State Forest | Dalrymple Heights, Mackay Area

Crediton State Forest

Free Entry

In Crediton State Forest, dry eucalypt forests contrast with lush pockets of rainforest and dramatic views.
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Crediton State Forest - Visit Website

Eungella Dam | Eungella, Mackay Area

Eungella Dam

Free Entry

Eungella Dam is 120 kilometres west of Mackay and is one of Queensland's more established freshwater fisheries.
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Eungella National Park | Eungella, Mackay Area

Eungella National Park

Free Entry

Set in the mountains west of Mackay, Eungella National Park is one of Queensland's most ecologically diverse parks in Australia.
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Eungella National Park - Visit Website

Great Barrier Reef Islands | Mission Beach, Cassowary Coast Area

Great Barrier Reef Islands

Free Entry

Stretching more than 2,000 kilometres along the Queensland coastline and covering 35 million hectares, the Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef.
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Great Barrier Reef Islands - Visit Website

Hibiscus Coast | Cape Hillsborough, Mackay Area

Hibiscus Coast

Free Entry

20 kilometres north of Mackay lies the Hibiscus Coast which includes the delightful seaside towns of Seaforth, Halliday Bay, Ball Bay and Cape Hillsborough.
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Keswick Underwater Adventures Dive Operator | Mackay Harbour, Mackay Area

Keswick Underwater Adventures Dive Operator

From AU$168 - 242

At Keswick Underwater Adventures they offer a variety of activities, for the diver and non divers alike.
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Keswick Underwater Adventures Dive Operator - Visit Website Keswick Underwater Adventures Dive Operator - Book Online

Kinchant Dam | Kinchant Dam, Mackay Area

Kinchant Dam

Free Entry

Kinchant Dam is located in the picturesque Pioneer Valley and is 41 kilometres west of Mackay. The Dam was built on Sandy Creek to provide irrigation and town water in 1977, it holds 62 800 mega litres of water at an average depth of 6.
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