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Fraser Coast

Day 7 - Power boat riding!

Our last morning had arrived. We had boat drinks, I should say boat breakfast, at Café Balaena on the marina. We sat in the sun on the terrace, sipping our juice and trying to spot skydivers as they plummeted towards us. I was a little jealous. Our trip was coming to an end, but we had one more high speed adventure to come.

For the Adventurer

fc_bestadv_day7_1.jpg After breakfast we ducked round the corner and down the ramp to the jetty to have a blast on the fastest whale watching boat in Australia, the That’s Awesome, owned and operated by Hervey Bay Whale Watch.
To the guys; it’s got four, 300 horse power engines. Need I say more? Ladies; it’s bright red, very pretty and you’re going to giggle almost as much as the guys once it gets going.
That’s Awesome seats 35 people, if you’re out watching whales you’ll have the chance to talk but if it’s a quick blast like we had my advice is to sit beside someone cute and hope they grab your hand when things get kicking. It’s like a water roller coaster!

For the Nature Lover

We were too early for whale season which starts in July and ends in November but we did spot some rare Indo-Pacific hump backed dolphins which we’d never seen before. A big turtle popped his head up to say hello too. Sarah our skipper told us all about her whale watching experiences. It’s thought that whales see the colour red very well so maybe it was for that reason that a whale once rubbed it’s flipper along the side of That’s Awesome, not a common occurrence.

Sarah also reckons the four, shiny, silver propellers at the back attract the gaze of the whales who sometimes stop behind the boat to stare at the props. When it’s time to go Sarah has to enlist the help of another boat to distract the whale so that Sarah can start the engines.

Hervey Bay is known to be one of the world’s top humpback whale watching spots.  It’s the calm, protected waters of the bay that provide a sanctuary for the whales to rest and frolic on their annual migration. There are multiple vessels that operate tours during the July to November season. The whales stay and play in the bay for 3 to 4 days, providing plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal.

For the Foodie

hot_tip_day7_1.jpg The folk at Café Balaena are easy going and friendly which is a good thing because Maggie and I had a bit of a precious morning and pretty much asked them to modify everything we ordered. I think the 'Queensland Ambassadors' titles may be going to our heads. Our breakfast was just the ticket and arrived with a smile.

After our fun run on That’s Awesome we made our way to the airport and our flight back to Brisbane. The Fraser Coast had provided more adventure than either of us would have imagined possible from one destination. Bye bye Fraser Coast, we’ll miss you the most.

The little Qantas turbo prop plane we flew back to Brisbane on offered more leg-room than the average international jet. We were also really impressed with our in-flight snack arriving in a funky recycled plastic snack box and the chilled cupcake inside was delicious. This is a great and fast way to get back to Brisbane.

The End





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