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Fraser Coast

Day 6 - Jet skiing – camel riding!

Time for more action! Our 80km per hour jet ski tour provided by Aquavue Café and Water sports took us from the shore to an offshore sand bank in just minutes. Spotless white sand with just a tuft of long grass along the centre, I felt like planting a big flag that said ‘GEORGE’ on it and claiming the island in the name of sunbathing with a cooler full of brews. Later on we ran into some camels! I reckon Isle de George would look good with the odd camel here and there.

For the Adventurer

fc_bestadv_day6_2.jpg Put the safety loop around your wrist, attach it to the kill switch on the handle bars, press the green for go button and squeeze the throttle! Skipping across the water at 80 km per hour is a rush. But I’m a total hypocrite. I’m always bitching about jet skis when I’m trying to relax on the beach. The difference is that Aquavue’s skis are operated far enough offshore that they don’t disturb anybody and they have the latest, low emissions engine so thumbs up for low noise and air pollution.

You don’t have to take the jet ski tour, you can hire a ski for a personal blast or choose one of the other activities Aquavue offers like kayaks or parasailing, but I went for the Hobie catamaran. I can’t understand how I never managed to get one of these back home, they’re child’s play for big kids like you and me. You only need a whisp of wind to scoot along in the sun and everything is quiet except for the burbling of the water beneath you and the flutter of the sails.

For the Nature Lover

hot_tip_day6_1.jpg So far we’d seen turtles, dolphins, sharks, snakes, spiders, dingos and even bats but the most off the wall wildlife scene was yet to come. We headed to the far end of the esplanade to meet Steve of Hervey Bay Camel Safaris. Our first glimpse of these magnificent creatures was a procession of the leggy desert dwellers on the main road at Hervey Bay’s designated Camel Crossing. Minutes later we would-be nomads were about to mount up Arabian style.

So much of this trip had been just like something from a movie I never thought I’d experience, yet here we were again about to embark on another scene from the silver screen. It was magical, plodding along the beach in the afternoon sun. Keep an eye on your camel, he’s wylie, he’ll take cheeky mouthfuls of any plant life sticking out close enough for him to grab.

For the Foodie

The camels might have stolen the odd bite here and there but we were still full from the bang up breakfast at Aquavue earlier in the day. An eggs, bacon, sausages, tomato and hash brown stack to fuel me for a day of adventures. Great tasting food, they get my thumbs up.

Sleeping Arrangements

hot_tip_day6_2.jpg We were spoilt rotten on our last night on the Fraser Coast. We checked into the Mantra Hervey Bay Resort, right on the marina. When we got to our room we realised it had a Jacuzzi and of course we jumped straight in. Then after a romantic meal in the neighbouring restaurant we were too bushed to take advantage of the resort spa so we dimmed the lights and watched a movie on the big flat screen TV. Our adventure was nearly over.

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Things To See And Do

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