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Fraser Coast

Day 4 - Trike riding and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Off the Fraser Island barge and back on the mainland we were met by a Rhino. Ok so not the beast with the big horn, although I’m sure he’d beg to differ, Rhino is Glenn Chapman of Rhinos Trike Tours. He handed us matching leather jackets and lids and we roared off. Rhino will bring you on a two hour tour that covers 65 kilometres and he’ll take detours to anywhere you want to go. He comes off all tough guy but I’ll let you in on a secret, his favourite thing is to sit on the rocks and watch the little turtles go by. His words, not mine.

For the Adventurer

It was great to be back on the road with the bugs in my hair and the wind in my teeth. There’s something about motorcycles that you never hear people talking about. You smell what you’re seeing. The waft of freshly mowed grass or the fresh bread from the bakery as you whizz by on the trike is beautiful. There were mixed feelings as we got back to Rhino’s HQ at Charlie Buckets on the esplanade, I didn’t want to get off the trike but I knew that straight across the road there was a treat waiting.

For the Beach Bum

hot_tip_day4_1.jpg Enzo’s on the Beach is a wicked cafe and water sports centre and Enzo is my kind of guy. He’s a stoked waterman. I was giddy at the prospect of some kite surfing and Maggie had been excited to try some stand up paddle boarding (SUP). It’s like surfing but you stand on a big board and use a long paddle. But there was no wind for kiting and Maggie had caught a cold so had to stay dry. Enzo said: "No worries!, let’s try this new SUP trick I’ve been learning". The trick was simple on paper. Put your board in the water pointing to the shore. Run into the water and jump on the board making it move away from the beach, then use your weight to make the board turn 180 degrees so that it’s pointing to the horizon and start paddling without falling off. We both tried and tried until we eventually got it, but not before many falls and roars of laughter from the beach.

fc_bestadv_day4_4.jpg We took a bow and decided to paddle out and around some catamarans anchored offshore. The water here is clear and there are sections of reef to gaze at as you glide along.

On the way fish jumped and turtles surfaced for air. It’s a lot of fun trying to quietly sneak up on a turtle paddling as softly as you can. I think if I were relying on my wits for food I’d go hungry though.

For the Foodie

The food at Enzo’s is great, café style quality with very, very generous portions, just what you need to fuel up for a day of watersports.
At Beaches we were spoilt for choice and the general consensus from our fellow travelers was not to think too hard, it is all good!


Sleeping Arrangements

fc_bestadv_day4_5.jpg There’s an exciting vibe once you get amongst all the folk on the mainland who are either making their way to the island or are just back. We hit Beaches Backpackers not far from the esplanade. Beaches has that old school camp feel. The bar come dining area overlooks a central pool surrounded by dorms. There’s secure parking if you’re rocking up in a car or camper plus laundry facilities, internet access and the no fuss dorm or double room sleeping arrangements you’d expect at any good backpacker lodge.

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